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International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions: Announcement/Updates: IFLA vouchers

Announcement/Updates: IFLA vouchers

  1. Due to the large number of British Library issued IFLA vouchers still in circulation (over 22,000 vouchers) IFLA has decided to cancel the retirement of these vouchers. All IFLA vouchers in circulation are valid.
  2. Newly issued vouchers carry a machine readable barcode sticker on the back. This barcode system will enable IFLA to streamline the order-redemption-restock-order circle. For you this means faster delivery time of orders and faster processing of redemptions. The IFLA vouchers will remain the same user friendly, no-expiration date system that you are accustomed to. Once a voucher is redeemed a barcode sticker will be placed on it before it is re-sold. It will take years to receive all of the current stock in circulation and barcode them. YOUR VOUCHERS ARE VALID WITH OR WITHOUT BARCODES!
  3. The IFLA voucher program is growing in success and users. Currently I am running about 2 months behind on processing redemption payments. I am working to remedy this backlog as fast as possible.

Please email questions, comments and suggestions to:

Susan Schaepman
IFLA Voucher Administrator
PO Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague
The Netherlands

Phone: (31) 70 314 0755
Fax: (31) 70 383 4827


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